Action Plans for Food Allergies

Posted on Tuesday, March 15, 2011 by

Having or witnessing an allergic reaction can be scary!  Discussing one’s allergy, potential outcomes and creating an action-plan our founder Anna Schmidt can vouch really does help everyone stay a little calmer.  An action-plan should be discussed with those who potentially may be in a position to help you.  For example, family, friends, workmates and don’t forget someone from your various social or sports group.  Forewarning people of the risk and actions they can take if a certain food is consumed has two positive outcomes 1, they can keep an eye out that you don’t unknowingly consume it and 2, they’ll know what you want done should an allergic reaction take place.

Basic and generic instruction for helping someone who is having severe allergic reaction is listed on St John’s website.  This is similar to what people are taught in First-Aid Course’s institutions globally.  It is important your personal community understand your unique situation.  Because of this, we recommend a personalized action plan be created and signed off by your medical professional.  You may like to check out the ASCIA website  They have several action plan templates available for free that will help those living with food allergies.