Beta version early release planned for New Zealand.

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Beta version early release planned for New Zealand.

It’s getting exciting, AllergySensei is gearing up to help Kiwi’s living with medically-based diet restrictions. We will provide new levels of reassurance for those with food allergies, food intolerances and food sensitivities or diseases like Coeliac/Coliac. If your food isn’t listed, let us know…   AllergySensei helps increase safety and enjoyment especially when eating out. The reviewed allergen content is freely…

Clinical Journals about Allergies

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Clinical Journals about Allergies

If you are a medical professional wanting to keep up-to-date with current research you will be well aware about the many journals which focus on allergies and related fields. You might like to visit a Journal’s site directly by clicking on their logo (or name). Some require subscription or one-off payment to view – even online, or visit your local University’s library….

Notes from ‘The Road to Toddlerhood’, a one-day symposium for health professionals

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Everyone quite obviously was looking forward to a great day. ‘The Road to Toddlerhood’ is a full day nutrition symposia hosted at Massey University’s Albany Campus. The anticipation of quality probably based on it actually being the 7th in this series of one day symposia.  The day saw several themes becoming popular points of discussion both on and off stage…

Black Ties and Food Allergies

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AllergySensei attended Northern Arena’s Charity Black Tie Dinner and Auction for Allergy New Zealand on Saturday night (28th September 2013). Allergy New Zealand was chosen due to Northern Arena becoming aware that some of their members and suffer from allergies on a daily basis. Their pools are favored by many living with allergies because they use ultra violet light to treat…

Our First Trade Show

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A month after starting this AllergySensei venture and it has already been showcased at a tradeshow.  ‘The Big Event‘ 2013 is an expo to showcase products and services to help people with various disabilities.  This years expo also included an innovation section.  This was sponsored by Barry De Gesst from Renassance Group.  The innovation section was created to showcase inventions…

‘Go, Innovate!’ Competition Fuels Action

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I wondered about the wisdom of investing so much into my ‘Go, Innovate!’ Competition application form and accompanying supporting information.  It took more time and thought than I imagined, right when I had the pressure of looming university assignments and exams.  If it hadn’t been for the encouragement of Will, Chris and Moss I’m not sure that I would have…

Overseas Emergency Services for Food Allergies

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As our CEO and founder, Anna Schmidt traveled around Europe and the Middle-East a few years ago she was surprised by how many countries have different emergency telephone numbers (some even had specific medical emergency numbers)!  It proved harder than she imagined to acquire the Emergency Services information in places where she didn’t have access to the internet and English…

Action Plans for Food Allergies

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Having or witnessing an allergic reaction can be scary!  Discussing one’s allergy, potential outcomes and creating an action-plan our founder Anna Schmidt can vouch really does help everyone stay a little calmer.  An action-plan should be discussed with those who potentially may be in a position to help you.  For example, family, friends, workmates and don’t forget someone from your various social…