Can I have multiple profiles connected to my email address?


Can I change the photo or the name of the person with the food allergy?


Can I change the allergies that are listed?

Yes, you can add or delete allergens.

Where do I sign-up for my AllergySensei profile to share about my own (or a family members) medically-based diet restrictions?

Coming soon!

I’m a Registered Medical Professional*, where do I sign up to edit my patients ‘additional notes’ and appear on the AllergySensei Medical Professional database?

Coming soon!
* Usually a Dietitian, GP, or Immunologist etc.

I’m a Registered Nutritionist, I see other Nutritionists on AllergySensei, why was my application not accepted?

We are sorry, but to be listed as a Medical Professional in the AllergySensei platform (as a minimum) each must have be a Registered Dietitian or higher).

Can I list multiple food allergies (or medically based dietary restrictions)?

Yes. We are adding generic allergy data all the time which you can select.

Can I edit the allergen-free or avoid lists or food handling details?

Unfortunately not. It is important that messages are consistent and conservative to ensure AllergySensei is of value all our community.
But, if you want to add extra notes like this you can do so within the ‘Notes’ tab.

What do I do if my allergen doesn’t appear?

1, Contact us – we will be adding allergens based on popular demand. We are are planning a feature so your GP, Immunologist or Registered Dietitian will be able to add/customise specifically for your diet.
2, You can add your own information in the ‘Notes’ tab.

How do I find a Medical Professional who can edit an AllergySensei profile?

Coming Soon! – or – tell you current Medical Professional, they may be happy to signup and leave notes on your profile.

How do I share my profile with an immunologist/allergist, doctor, dietitian or other Medical Professional?

Before a Medical Professional can add notes – you need to invite them (the email they receive has a secure link which gives them permission to access your profile)