Our First Trade Show

Posted on Friday, April 5, 2013 by

A month after starting this AllergySensei venture and it has already been showcased at a tradeshow.  ‘The Big Event‘ 2013 is an expo to showcase products and services to help people with various disabilities.  This years expo also included an innovation section.  This was sponsored by Barry De Gesst from Renassance Group.  The innovation section was created to showcase inventions “that people have invented for themselves [that are not] already in mass production” that might help others with disabilities.  Without the sponsorship De Gesst extended, AllergySensei would never had the opportunity to attend (thank you very much Barry, Evan and the rest of your team)!

Having a food allergy can be very restrictive to  everyday meals and snacks.  But more than that, it extends to every social outing. Allergies effect outings with friends or family and has even dictated holiday locations for Anna Schmidt, found of AllergySensei.  The opportunity to share the value AllergySensei hope to offer though my AllergySensei platfom was invaluable.  It took a mammoth effort to have a prototype at a stage the general public could interact with.  Creating a stand to showcase the service the AllergySensei will have for people with food allergies also was only powered by a small team of volunteers behind the scenes.  Overall it was a experience. The feedback collected relating to the concept and prototype from people with food allergies was both encouraging and helpful.  Perhaps these people might be able to be helped when the AllergySensei goes live soon..