Terms & Conditions

  1. I agree to use the knowledge gained from viewing an AllergySensei profile for the purpose of helping keep the person named on the profile safer AND not to discriminate, be malicious or unlawful towards them.
  2. I agree to share (to best of your ability) this knowledge with anyone who may need to know to help keep the person named on the AllergySensei profile safe.
  3. I agree to not do anything that may negatively impact the workings of this persons AllergySensei profile or any other part of the AllergySensei website or software.
  4. I understand that any AllergySensei profile is intended only as a helpful tool to prompt meaningful discussions with the person named on the AllergySensei profile.
  5. I understand the contact details of the person named on the AllergySensei profile appear online and if I have any questions about their dietary requirements this is how I will find clarification.
  6. I understand there is helpful information relating specifically to the person named on an AllergySensei profile. This includes helpful dynamic Food/Ingredient Lists, personalised Ingredient Search, Food Handling Instructions, and possibly Additional Notes added by either them and/or their Medical Professional.
  7. I understand no two AllergySensei profiles are exactly alike.
  8. I understand information within AllergySensei.com has been assembled with care to help facilitate meaningful discussions. However errors may occur (perhaps relating to food lists not being exhaustive or human error). Because to this we highly recommend discussing the needs of someone with medically-based diet requirements with the person concerned (or their caregiver if they are a child). If in doubt about a food or food additive, leave it out.
  9. I understand these Terms and Conditions may change in the future. When you login the most current version will appear.
  10. I agree, if a dispute arises resolution will take place only in at the Auckland District Court, Auckland, New Zealand and only according to New Zealand Law.